Shield Roof Solutions is Proud to Introduce Highly Requested Tarp End Walls

Gable 20′ Model Tarp End Walls

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2022 / — Just in time for the busy and weather-intensive summer season, Shield Roof Solutions has introduced a new line of commercial grade tarp end walls for its Gable roof kits. The walls include a convenient connection system using hooks and magnets to provide easy installation and removal as well as extra weather protection.

The tarp end walls offer a low-cost option that helps block out tough weather like rain, wind, and snow. With a quick installation process, they can be put up just in time to protect all your equipment from the elements.

The new tarp end walls are designed for all of Shield Roof Solutions’ 20-foot Gable roof kits, including all GB36 models. The company anticipates launching walls for additional roof kit models in the near future.

“We continue to focus on quality, durability and convenience for our customers across the country, and are proud to introduce these new tarp end walls for our Gable Kits with that in mind,” said Marc Niemann, General Manager of Shield Roof Solutions. “No matter what your summer plans, we have you covered!”

The clear upper section covers near the peak of the roof and the two sides above the containers while the lower gray section covers the space between containers. One side contains a regular-sized entrance door and the other side contains a 9’ H x 12’ W overhead type door. The new tarp end walls, which include a set of two walls as well as delivery, retail for $4,800 at

In recent years, Shield Roof Solutions has introduced a range of new roof, carport and awning models in response to customer interest and demand. Shield provides a range of container roof systems, all made with American steel and coming with a 20-year guarantee, to deliver on weather-proof shelters, whether temporary or permanent. All products are made in the United States and built upon order.

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