Designed to support challenging weather and projects on the go, Shield Roof Solutions will debut new tarp end walls in the coming months. Previously known as PODROOF, the company launched a new operating name, Shield Roof Solutions, in January to differentiate from its growing line of custom roof products. The tarp end walls will be the first product to be introduced under the new corporate entity, with plans for more launches in the future.

The tarp end walls with doorways cover the open ends once a roof is attached. They’ll be available for order with the company’s PODROOF pre-engineered roof kits or as a stand-alone option. The set of heavy-duty removable tarp walls are equipped with high-strength magnets and cover two ends of a structure, with an entrance on one end and a roll-up door on the other.

The tarp end walls are waterproof and UV-resistant; they are also reusable and able to withstand extreme snow, wind and rain. The walls are gray with 22-ounce vinyl on the bottom section and clear 30-millimeter poly on the top section. They include black, commercial-grade zippers for the doorways.

“We eagerly look forward to introducing tarp end walls for customers who are interested in greater access, flexibility and protection,” said Marc Niemann, GM of Shield Roof Solutions. “We are excited to offer a customized product in response to growing customer interest and share a simple solution for additional weather protection and durability.”

Shield Roof Solutions launched its brand-new website,, earlier this year for easier ordering. The company is the long-time maker of PODROOF shipping container roof kits, crafted with American steel, secure construction and a 20-year guarantee.

“As we enhance our product line, website and overall options for customers, we are pleased to still be recognized for outstanding service, exceptional quality and a brand that our customers rely on,” Niemann added.

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